Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update - 9.12.2007

First: Happy Birthday to our cast member and dear friend, Vika!

Second: Everything else.

Production Meetings Every Monday @ 9:30
Changes to the Schedule

Production Meetings

It has been decided that Mondays at 9:30 will be the new "Weeklies." They are called "Dailies" on real sets. It will allow us to organize ourselves and resolve any conflicts that arise for the production schedule. It also brings us together for some rip roarin' fun. I'll try to get some snackies for future ones.

We will hopefully be showing off our first musical number, "Maybe," as well as our first digital short, "Empty Threats" to the rest of the cast.

Changes to the Schedule

1. Thursday, September 13 - Changed from 7:30-8:30 to 7:00-8:00 (Effects Alex A., Jon, & Blake)
2. Saturday, September 15 - Changed from 12-3 to 4-6pm (Dinner) (Effects Alex A., Ellen, Coleman, Jon & Blake)


We need Asians! You heard me! We will also look at anyone else interested in participating. Please let me know if there is anyone that is apt to take a good, funny, role. We will also be accepting original sketches, animations, creative designs (serious or funny), and anything else that can be thrown into the show.


Thank you everyone!


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