Monday, September 10, 2007


onefrenchgoose (2:22:08 AM): is our script almost complete?
neubey (2:22:19 AM): yea
onefrenchgoose (2:22:12 AM): holy shit

Alex: So we’ve got the line up for next week under control? Vika, you get the costumes and prop list ready for the master, and get it ready for rehearsal next Tuesday, ok?

Vika: 13th or 14th century style for the “Renaissance Man” sketch?

Alex: 14th.

Vika: And the Helen Keller sketch, should I fit Jenna or Jess.

Alex: Let’s go with Jenna on this one. She’s been practicing. Jared, how’s the writing panel coming along for the last couple of skits?

Jared: They are ok. Not too great actually. The best thing they could come up with was Andy as a life and real size Tomagatchi. It would definitely hit our Asian demographic, but I doubt anyone else would think that’s funny.

Alex: Let’s roll with that for now. I’d rather see Andy in a big egg than blank screen. Get me something better. Alex, how’s the opening dance number coming along?

Alex L.: Famously.

Alex: Anything else? More than just famously?

Alex L: Nope.

Jeremy: Coleman, how’s your bit coming. Needs improvement. Times a thousand.

Alex: I’d rather watch Rosie O’Donnell’s morning rants in her sweats.

Jeremy: I’d rather drink ipecac.

Alex: Gross. I’d rather just make Coleman drink ipecac. Gosh darn Coleman, we decided to hire that broad you were hanging out with, Ellen? You’re gonna be her new parents. You’ll teach her everything you know, and that ain’t much. You got it? She was an orphan until you found her; we found her. Everyone, meet Ellen. Ellen meet… hmm, there’s an easier way to introduce everyone I think…

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