Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VH Season 3 Update

Production is going GREAT halfway through our third season of the Variety Hour! We've been making fantastic progress and the invites to perform just keep coming. This semester continues to be crazy busy! November is our crunch month!

What we've done:
-Ellen Cooks Last Night's Leftovers
-Students to Outer Space Club Recruiting
-"Who Killed Maggie Mo" Trailer
-10/23 Opening Act for Bill Burr at CMU Homecoming '08

What's coming up:
-VH3 Filming/ Editing
-VH3 Live Act Auditions
-11/8 Bhangra in the Burgh
-11/15 Insomnia Film Festival
-11/16 TriDelt Charity Brunch?
-11/20 Up Til Dawn?
-12/4 VH3 Premiere!!!!! THE BIG DAY!