Monday, May 21, 2007

Potential Change of Show Format

So, there are no open locations as of this time for the Variety Hour. Rangos is booked until spring; but Marcia Gerwig seemed excited about the idea and suggested booking Rangos in the spring. We are still looking to Dr. Page to see if we can get Kresge.

If all else fails, we are going to look into Plan B. I suggest working with CMUtv to create a televised Variety Hour to start. It will be Chappelle Show like where we have a host (The only difference is that we're acting like we're in front of an audience with sound effects) and there would be a bunch of sketches and digital shorts compiling the show. There would be an introduction to each skit. We could do a lot more with digital shorts and it would allow us to be more versatile.

Post your thoughts.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jeremy - Co-Producer

Update From Executive Producer

Started working on some ideas for promos. I also have been trying to organize some minor stuff.

Right now, we're looking at several d-lists. Each one has its role.

Overall D-List: Monthly Newsletter, Large Production Update
Overall B-Board: Monthly Newsletter, Large Production Updates, General Discussion
Tech D-List: Props, Costumes, Lighting, Sound, ABTech, CMUtv, Producer, Director, Co-Producer, Secretary, Stage Manager
Actor D-List: Director, Actors, Producer, Co-Producer, Secretary, Stage Manager
Board of Director: Producer, Co-Producer, Treasurer, Secretary, Artistic Director, Technical Director, Stage Manager.

Secretary will be in charge of managing and keeping these lists up to date.

We have created the Board of Directors and are slowly filling the positions that will make the first show the best show.

Executive Producer - Alex Andrews
Co-Producer - Jeremy Neuberg
Director - Ellen Hyland
vocal Coordinator - Andy Hafenbreck
Music Coordinator - Jason Calaiaro
Technical Coordinator - ABTech
Public Relations - Vika Kovalchuk (Sp? Sorry darling)

There are a lot of other positions that are currently assigned, and as I remember them or find them written in the many notebooks I will keep an eye on them.

Right now our cast members are the following:

Ellen Hyland
Junior, Mechanical Engineer
Spencer suggests that you do a sexy jungle theme.
Something on the Steeler's related would be sick. Duct tape dress?

Coleman Broaddus
We can do a Lenny Kravitz, rock star, cool, definitely sun glasses.

Jenna Steely
Communication Design Major
I want to do a Goldie Hawn-esque, Laugh-In Style photo shoot for her.

Andy Hafenbreck
Decision Sciences Major
Vocal Music Minor
I want to do a cool James Dean-esque, Italian White T-Shirt Blue Jean, sitting out on a window sill photo shoot.

Michael Selevan
Electrical & Computer Engineering
An on-stage in action shot would be sweet; chillin' on the edge of the stage.

Dhruv Mathur
Information Systems
I think a very suave, country club, preppy shoot would be sick.

Shayna Watson
Creative Writing & Psychology

Jessica Moss

Alexander Andrews
Decision Science
Entertainment Technology

We'll be ready soon!
-Alexander Andrews

The Variety Hour Blog

Ah, the second post - Hopefully a little big more detailed than the 1st.

The Variety Hour is now under way. We recently had a meeting with abTech, CMUtv, a couple representatives from ReadMe, several of the actors and potential actors, as well as the production crew.

Constitution is underway and heading in an amazing direction. The readable version of the constitution, "The Bible," will be done by the end of June.

The budget is doing very well - we need to figure out exactly what it will cost to make a huge "V" and "H" as well as all of the minor costs associated with the Variety Hour.

Will continue this shortly.
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