Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All Videos Up On YouTube!

Check out the latest episode of the Variety Hour, including a bonus video of "Tampons."



A New Page Turned

Congratulations to the new executive board of the Variety Hour! I can't wait to see what happens with it next semester!!!

*Board of Directors

Executive Producer*
Jeremy Neuberg

Co-Executive Producer*
Jared Friedman
Liana Rosenberg

Director of Cinematography*
Blake Coughenour

Producer of Cinematography*
Jonathan Kush
Associate Producer - Can Duruk

Director of Relations - Lobbyist
Carolina Velez

Head Writer
Jared Friedman

Jeremy Neuberg

Ellen Hyland

Communication Designer
Website - Tshirt - Posters

Carolina Velez
Liana Rosenberg

Lindsay Liu

Christopher Farley & Richard Pryor Mermorial After Party Planning Committee Heads
Vika Kovalchuk
Jason Hawkins

Each pitch must have a director and producer with pitch
Broadcast Live
Younger Members
Writing Table
New York Writing Retreat
More Digital Shorts
Stronger Tech

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Award Winners!

The Variety Hour is please to announce that there were three award winners on Wednesday Night.

The Alexander Andrews Appreciation Award for overall commitment to the Variety Hour. This year's winner was Jenna Steely for her overwhelming support for CMU Gurlzzz, Greek Sing's "Hazy Sunday," Star Wars Bagpipe, and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. This award was started in 2007 at the first show.

The Jeremy Neuberg Most Valuable Player Award went to Jared Friedman for his production work with "Hazy Sunday," reconstructing and organizing a rap and sketch. He also answered the call when interviewers were needed at Carnegie Mellon's midway, knocked the improv OFF THE TOP!, and is looking to get more involved in the Variety Hour next year!!!

The Blake Coughenour Digital Submission Award is a new award this year encouraging outside parties to submit their digital shorts for the Variety Hour premiere. This year Mike Paletta, Tony Paletta, Sean Conboy, and Foster Crawford all came together to create "Crybaby." "Crybaby" is a silent black and white film that displays the angst of a young man who has just been left by his girlfriend, Ezra. We find Mr. Crawford tumulting down a sad and lonely spiral, only to discover that his means of destruction are less than adequate for his desires. Find this video on YouTube in the nearest of futures.

Congratulations everyone!

The Variety Hour - Episode 2! It's gonna be up!


Check this out for a full recap of last Wednesday's Variety Hour: The VH Steps Up.

The videos will be posted over the next week, so subscribe and be updated when the videos are posted.

This is CMU Gurlzzz written by Jenna Steely, Courtney Gooch and Vika Kovalchuk. Cinematography and editing by Blake Coughenour; Beat by DJ Master Mike; Sound Engineering by Alex Andrews.

Like to watch live comedy? The Variety Hour has its own Improv Team: Liana Rosenberg & Carolina Velez, Ellen Hyland & Alex Andrews, and Jared Friedman and Jason Hawkins all tackle the teamwork needed when one loses their hands.

Looking for more? Keep posted at www.youtube.com/theVarietyHour