Monday, February 16, 2009

Season 4 Here We Go!

I can't believe that it has almost reached the 2 year mark for the Variety Hour. As the seniors saddle up to end their life with the Variety Hour, the concern of the future was at stake. With individuals like Jared Friedman, Liana Rosenberg and Chris Conte the probability of executing a sustainable organization is amazingly high! So alumni, don't fret, and current students, be ready for some entertaining products to evolve over the course of the next decade!

The theme for this year's Variety Hour is still a little secret, but let's just hint at the theme of a late 80s and early 90s composition revolving around an eclectic family. This is the largest writing feat that the Variety Hour has taken on. It will attempt to weave an overarching plot with digital shorts consistent with the plot, and random side adventures that will optimize the entertainment curve. I can NOT wait to see the outcome of our upcoming writer's meeting this week on Tuesday.

See you in April!