Monday, September 17, 2007

Variety Hour Recording Timeslots

Choose your recording slot by either commenting on the blogpost or emailing me at

I am hoping that I will not be the only car going. If you have a car and can take the group of 4 other people in your time slot with you to the Entertainment Technology Center... I will love you forever

*Driver, Pick up at UC Turnaround 15 Minutes Before Time Slot

Saturday, September 22nd

1. Jeremy Neuberg
2. Alex Andrews* (Will be taking my group @ 12:00)
3. Vika Kovalchuk

1. Alexandra Lezberg & Cameron
2. Jenna Steely



Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh my. We are on a roll!

Congratulations to everyone involved with "The Variety Hour," (upwards to 40 people now!). We have become a rumor on campus and a plug for the future of society!

Okay. So we're not really a big deal. However this is what we have accomplished, and I can't wait to throw some teaser samples on here.

Maybe - Song recorded, filmed.
Empty Threats - Filmed, needs to be re-shot (BUT AMAZING!)
Tampons - Being filmed tonight.

Despite this amazingness, I have a feeling we are only going to be getting on Variety Hour in this semester. I hope to see it continue next semester... Hopefully!

What I have learned thus far in the production process. Ellen eats babies. Stick to your production times, people have to come to you. The producer must be there before everyone else, have food, and stay til the very end. People like funny things. You need money to function.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update - 9.12.2007

First: Happy Birthday to our cast member and dear friend, Vika!

Second: Everything else.

Production Meetings Every Monday @ 9:30
Changes to the Schedule

Production Meetings

It has been decided that Mondays at 9:30 will be the new "Weeklies." They are called "Dailies" on real sets. It will allow us to organize ourselves and resolve any conflicts that arise for the production schedule. It also brings us together for some rip roarin' fun. I'll try to get some snackies for future ones.

We will hopefully be showing off our first musical number, "Maybe," as well as our first digital short, "Empty Threats" to the rest of the cast.

Changes to the Schedule

1. Thursday, September 13 - Changed from 7:30-8:30 to 7:00-8:00 (Effects Alex A., Jon, & Blake)
2. Saturday, September 15 - Changed from 12-3 to 4-6pm (Dinner) (Effects Alex A., Ellen, Coleman, Jon & Blake)


We need Asians! You heard me! We will also look at anyone else interested in participating. Please let me know if there is anyone that is apt to take a good, funny, role. We will also be accepting original sketches, animations, creative designs (serious or funny), and anything else that can be thrown into the show.


Thank you everyone!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Rookie Mistake

If you are going to tamper with what someone else says, at least change the time stamp after their name.


onefrenchgoose (2:22:08 AM): is our script almost complete?
neubey (2:22:19 AM): yea
onefrenchgoose (2:22:12 AM): holy shit

Alex: So we’ve got the line up for next week under control? Vika, you get the costumes and prop list ready for the master, and get it ready for rehearsal next Tuesday, ok?

Vika: 13th or 14th century style for the “Renaissance Man” sketch?

Alex: 14th.

Vika: And the Helen Keller sketch, should I fit Jenna or Jess.

Alex: Let’s go with Jenna on this one. She’s been practicing. Jared, how’s the writing panel coming along for the last couple of skits?

Jared: They are ok. Not too great actually. The best thing they could come up with was Andy as a life and real size Tomagatchi. It would definitely hit our Asian demographic, but I doubt anyone else would think that’s funny.

Alex: Let’s roll with that for now. I’d rather see Andy in a big egg than blank screen. Get me something better. Alex, how’s the opening dance number coming along?

Alex L.: Famously.

Alex: Anything else? More than just famously?

Alex L: Nope.

Jeremy: Coleman, how’s your bit coming. Needs improvement. Times a thousand.

Alex: I’d rather watch Rosie O’Donnell’s morning rants in her sweats.

Jeremy: I’d rather drink ipecac.

Alex: Gross. I’d rather just make Coleman drink ipecac. Gosh darn Coleman, we decided to hire that broad you were hanging out with, Ellen? You’re gonna be her new parents. You’ll teach her everything you know, and that ain’t much. You got it? She was an orphan until you found her; we found her. Everyone, meet Ellen. Ellen meet… hmm, there’s an easier way to introduce everyone I think…

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Update - 9.5.2007

Hey production team! Here are a few updates for you. Please take a few minutes to read through. This can also be found at

Today's Notes:
** What I need from you guys!
** First Official Cast/Production Meeting MANDATORY
** CMUtv Officially On Board
** First Rehearsal/Blocking Completed
** Final Script Retreat
** Christopher Crosby Farley After Party Formation Committee

Please email me your current class schedule (either a version from Schedule Man or simply a copy and paste from SIO). Also include any extracurricular activities that occur on a weekly basis (i.e. CMUtv meeting Thursday's @ 9:30). Please also send me your phone number. I should have most of them, but alas there are others I don't have.

This Sunday will be the meeting and delivering of the first "Official" script to the cast members and production team. The time for the meeting is currently at 8pm. If that does not work for you, please let me know ASAP. Location TBD; will let you know by Friday. (I feel like we are Dumbledore's Army; gathering in secret locations - we'll get approval soon!)

I would like to welcome Mr. Jon Kush to the email list. He is the acting Director of Cinematography. He joins us as a member of CMUtv, an organization we all will be getting to know throughout the next few weeks.

Ellen, Coleman, Jeremy and myself completed the first rehearsal on Tuesday for "Maybe." Starting at the next rehearsal, there should be notes available on the blog site, shortly after each rehearsal. We worked on the lines, the song, and the blocking. I can't wait to see what happens!!!!

This Friday, the final script will be rolled out. All lines, songs, and parts will be figured out and available by Sunday's production meeting. The Executive Producer, Co-Producer, Director and Producer of Cinematography will all be in attendance. The writing will take place from noon to five and the cinematography coordination will take place from 5 to 7. If you are interested in participating, shoot me an email.

The Christopher Crosby Farley After Party Planning Committee
The Variety Hour is going to name its after party in name of all of the deceased comedians that have pledged their lives to the entertainment world. The after party will be a legal event that will show the cast, and special invited VIP guests a good time as a celebration for the hard work each member has put into the production. The After Party takes place after the premiere.

If you are interested in being a part of this planning committee, please send me an email.


Thank you for everything so far guys. See you Sunday.

Alexander Andrews
Executive Producer
The Variety Hour