Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh my. We are on a roll!

Congratulations to everyone involved with "The Variety Hour," (upwards to 40 people now!). We have become a rumor on campus and a plug for the future of society!

Okay. So we're not really a big deal. However this is what we have accomplished, and I can't wait to throw some teaser samples on here.

Maybe - Song recorded, filmed.
Empty Threats - Filmed, needs to be re-shot (BUT AMAZING!)
Tampons - Being filmed tonight.

Despite this amazingness, I have a feeling we are only going to be getting on Variety Hour in this semester. I hope to see it continue next semester... Hopefully!

What I have learned thus far in the production process. Ellen eats babies. Stick to your production times, people have to come to you. The producer must be there before everyone else, have food, and stay til the very end. People like funny things. You need money to function.


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