Monday, May 21, 2007

Potential Change of Show Format

So, there are no open locations as of this time for the Variety Hour. Rangos is booked until spring; but Marcia Gerwig seemed excited about the idea and suggested booking Rangos in the spring. We are still looking to Dr. Page to see if we can get Kresge.

If all else fails, we are going to look into Plan B. I suggest working with CMUtv to create a televised Variety Hour to start. It will be Chappelle Show like where we have a host (The only difference is that we're acting like we're in front of an audience with sound effects) and there would be a bunch of sketches and digital shorts compiling the show. There would be an introduction to each skit. We could do a lot more with digital shorts and it would allow us to be more versatile.

Post your thoughts.


Tessa said...

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