Monday, December 15, 2008

Jeremy Announces This Year's Awards

The winner of the Alexander Andrews Appreciation Award for overall commitment to the Variety Hour is Jared Friedman. Serving as head writer and co-producer, Jared left his mark on, literally, every sketch in VH3. He co-wrote the cooking show "Leftoverz" and some hilarious jokes for TTH; he organized and performed in the improv act at our premiere; he lent his voice to the "Maggie Mo Murder Mystery;" he built the awesome "Students to Outer Space Club" model rocket ship; he acted in "eCarnegie" and the "Students to Outer Space Recruitment Video;" and he was an integral part of our field team for the "Bhangra in the Burgh Interview" segment.

The fourth ever (!!) Jeremy B. Neuberg Most Valuable Player Award goes to Ellen Hyland, a founding member of the VH, who took an essential role in our cast this semester playing the title role in "Ellen Cooks Last Night's Leftovers," a memorable part in "eCarnegie," and appearing in all three of our live acts. She clinched the award during the final week of production by leading the efforts to spread the word about our show, helping to put together another fantastic installment of TTH, and sharing her hilarious story of aggressive massage techniques. Your trophy will be available in January (as will those of previous JBNMVP winners).

The Blake, awarded to the producers of the best digital submission, goes to Danny Kane, Paris Obdan, and Liana Rosenberg for their thoroughly entertaining "Maggie Mo Murder Mystery" trailer. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Margaret Morrison send an enigmatic private investigator on a quest to discover who killer her. Was it the lawyer? The cute little paper girl? The Doctor? Find out on a campus near you - Summer 2009.

And finally, the VH's newest award, the Friedman Prize for Writership, goes to rookie cast member Brendan Sullivan. A major contributor to our script, Brendan played a key role in developing many of our skits for production and he wrote a significnat share of our TTH jokes. In addition, he took on the position of TTH co-host and participated in all of our improv acts.

Congratulations winners!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and kudos to all the contributors, participants, and award winners, too!!!
Sorry that I've found a typographical error. Look at the last paragraph, 3rd line of type from the bottom of story. Should read "significant".
Yet, once again--Yay!!!
Good work. Congratulations!

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