Saturday, July 7, 2007

It has been decided that to introduce an improv-esque edition to the show we are going to implement a plot into the variety hour. It will still include skits and sketches throughout; the plot will just be a continuous element that will occur throughout each episode.

We have also outlined the first episode and are looking for submissions for the two segments we still need to fill. There will be a preliminary reading available for cast members, tech, and other parties. All feedback provided will be accepted; positive, negative and any other sort. The submissions we are looking for are animations, scripts, digital shorts, or stand-up-like videos to fill 3 to 6 minute segments, as well as 7 to 10 situations

We are also looking for people willing to perform any of their songs; preferably and organized band or a talented musician that would like the chance to perform.

Please send all submissions to

All submissions will be reviewed and placed into the CMU Variety Hour Library for current and future use.

Tomorrow a preliminary script will be available for all members. A constitution will be available by the end of the summer as well as access to the 2007 budget.

-Alex Andrews

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